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Winter is coming

Well, the days are getting shorter, and there is a refreshing cool crispness to the air as the worst of the summer storm season recedes into the distance.

Looking ahead, the sap flow in the trees begins to slow down, and some of them start to lose their leaves, as we head into a period of relative dormancy over winter. This becomes an ideal time to carry out any structural pruning that is required on your trees.

The other good thing about cutting virtually anything in the garden at this time of year is that it tends to stay cut for a few months.Now is also a good time to consider what vegetation could be reduced to allow more of that precious warming winter sunlight into your gardens and homes.

We have enjoyed a particularly spectacular growing season and while all that lush foliage may have provided welcome shade in summer, you can now look at your sun angles to determine how much light you can let in.

Thankfully, more and more of our clients are beginning to understand that regularly pruning their trees is allowing them to keep the trees on their property as assets that provide shade in summer, wind protection, habitat, and visual screening.

It also keeps the trees safe, while still letting in enough winter sunlight.

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