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A (New) Year of Growth!

Happy New Year! Last year we had over 3 m of rain in Maleny, which has resulted in spectacular growth rates for the vegetation across the plateau. This has meant that the trees are holding so much extra weight, especially at this time with the luxuriant summer growth.

Now any structural imperfections in the tree trunk are placed under a lot more mechanical stress and it is only taking a relatively mild summer storm to see trees failing in yards, across driveways, and onto buildings, etc.

Typically, they are failing at acute angle forks, and where there are decayed sections of the trunk.

If you have any trees that are presenting a risk to vulnerable infrastructure, such as driveways and buildings, now is a good time to consider a reduction prone to take some of the weight off them.

Another phenomenon that I am observing as a result of the abnormally high rainfall that we experienced are properties that are getting taken over by the trees and shrubs around the house.

It’s a bit like that rather unpleasant analogy of a frog in a pot of water that is gradually brought to the boil and doesn’t realise the danger that it is in, because the change is so imperceptible.

The inhabitants don’t realise that the house Is getting darker and darker incrementally, And when you cut something back they are startled at the amount of light that is now coming in.

It is very gratifying work.

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