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Managing types of trees

The weather is finally drying out after months of soaking rain.

Anyone driving around Maleny recently would’ve noticed that many of the Gumtrees, Eucalyptus sp. suffered a lot of limb failures, with a particularly large one on Stanley River Road. Fortunately, I’m not aware of any property damage having having occurred, but it shows how different weather events can affect different species. It also shows how Gum trees are right up there in the dangerous Tree stakes.

It’s quite a conundrum, because they are also a highly valuable habitat tree. I feel thankful that they are not particularly endemic to the Maleny Plateau, which tends to support more of the broad rainforest species which I love, so it is not too difficult for me to recommend removal when necessary. In a nutshell they just get very big, very quickly and then start failing.

This is less than ideal in a built environment.

They can be successfully managed by pruning if you have a situation where the trees are already there.

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