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Trees on Earth

So, here’s the thing. I have felt for a long time now that our role as humans on this planet is one of stewardship. Instead we seem to be recklessly plundering large chunks of nature for the sake of jobs and money. We all seem to need jobs and money, but above and beyond that, we need fresh air, clean water, and non-toxic, nutritious food.

There doesn’t seem to be another habitable planet anywhere nearby, so this is basically it. In galactic terms we are a tiny, unique bubble existing in a perfect balance of gases.

A flipping miracle right?

I read recently that in the next five years another 1 million species of lifeforms will become extinct. This is getting serious.

We need to move beyond labels like hippy, polluter, greenie, fascist, Queenslander, New South Welshman and understand that we are all part of one very influential species and that if we are not careful we could also be slated for extinction within a few generations.

A few people seem to read this About That Tree article, a fact for which I am humbly grateful, so I thought I would use it to plant this seed of an idea in the hope that someone smarter than me can help my vision of a healthy planet become a reality.

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