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Tree Management Over Time

It was immensely gratifying recently to carry out a tree assessment/property visit for a long-standing client of 13 years. I was able to inspect pruning cuts that I performed 13 years previously and monitor how the wound closure was progressing.

More than that however, the visit gave me a perspective on the process of caring for and managing people’s trees that I hadn’t had before.

It is really quite a simple process, one that involves having a competent arborist assess the trees and shrubs on your property and then carrying out the recommended work. This keeps the trees healthy, beautiful, and most importantly, safe.

Trees are an incredible asset to have on your property. Financially, properties that are trreed with safe, managed, beautiful trees are valued much higher than comparable properties, and leafy suburbs have higher house prices than those without trees.

But beyond that they contribute so much to the living amenity of your property. Because they are literally giant water columns they moderate the temperature, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Strategically positioned, they can block cold winter winds and harsh summer sunlight.

Managing your trees is not something you have to do very often. My last visit to this property was in 2017, and now things are just showing signs of needing a light trim, and it gets easier to manage the trees each time, as we can work to a program.

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