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The responsibility of hosting Sunshine Coast Trees! - About That Tree (October, '19)

In this everchanging world there are still some things that generally change a lot more slowly than others. That’s correct – Trees!

The only time they don’t change slowly is when they come crashing down on you, very quickly!

This slow, imperceptible pace of change is often in contrast to the hectic pace of our technology-fuelled human lives, so walking amongst trees and simply being in the presence of these seemingly ageless giants can offer an antidote to the ills brought on by the stresses of modern life.

If you observe them over a time they also teach us that it is okay to change slowly, and also give us visual evidence that the seasons do still exist, even in the midst of our 24/7/365 busy-ness.

If you are lucky enough to have one or more of these amazing lifeforms on your property, it is both an honour and a responsibility.

The responsibility is two-fold – to keep the tree healthy, and to prevent it from becoming a danger to yourself.

This kind of management is at the heart of our business ethic, i.e., to encourage people to keep their trees, and to keep them healthy and safe. You see, trees don’t respect property boundaries, they simply exist in all our environments, contributing to our well-being in a myriad of ways.

As always, I urge you to touch a tree.

fig tree maleny sunshine coast
Crazy Sunshine Coast Hinterland fig!

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