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The rains are here!

I’m writing this article as the first major weather event of the season hits the Sunshine Coast. It’s following on from recent and ongoing flooding rains in the southern states.

As usual, there is heavy rain, strong wind, and lightning. All of these things can present significant challenges to the structural integrity of a tree.

The prudent amongst us will be out in the garden checking their trees so that they don’t cause problems during the upcoming storm season.

Things to look out for include

  • dead limbs

  • crossing limbs

  • branches overhanging roof lines

  • bark flaking off

  • staining

  • weeping or exudate oozing out of the trunk

  • fungal fruiting bodies near the base of the tree.

If you are unsure about anything you can call us to organise a tree assessment, or an obligation free quote to carry out any work you think necessary.

Cyclones, ex-cyclones and supercell storms are an inevitable part of summer in Queensland, so it is important to make sure the trees around your house are safe.

It has been an incredible year for weather. A client of mine assiduously keeps rain records and so far this year we have had 2.8 metres of rain. The next closest total to that was in 2013 when we had 2.2 m of rain for the whole year, and this year is not even over yet. We are looking certain to get at least 3 metres of rain in one year!

Consequently the growth rate of the vegetation on the plateau has been phenomenal.

Keep an eye out for the endemic White Ash tree, Alphitonia petrieii, flowering now with layers of creamy yellow flowers. There are two beautiful specimens over the road from and below Maleny high school where Bunya Street meets Mcarthy Rd.

Stay safe, and touch Trees!

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