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Storm recovery: the usual suspects

Still reeling from the calamitous weather events. What surprises me is that people were surprised by the flooding and heavy rain. Hello… It is Queensland in summer… I would be surprised if we DIDN’T have floods/cyclones/heat waves…

That’s why I urge people every spring to check their trees or have them assessed, because extreme weather events are the rule not the exception here at this time of year.

The species that failed were all the usual suspects. Gumtrees, Eucalyptus sp. and Corymbia sp., Cypress, Cupressus sp., and multi-trunked Jacarandas, Jacaranda mimosifolia, to name a few.

If you have any of these that are tall enough to hit your house, be particularly wary.

It’s hard not to notice the tree destruction on Steve Irwin way opposite Australia zoo. It is worth mentioning though that the seeds of this destruction were sown some months ago when the roots of the trees were damaged by the clearing for the road widening. The tree clearing also reduced the buffering effect available to the remaining trees.

Nonetheless the ferocity of the wind must’ve been something to behold.

Now is a great time to start cutting back some of the excesses of the summer growing season to let in some of that coveted autumn and winter sunlight.

Finally, I’m continually awestruck by the natural beauty that surrounds us here in Maleny, from the lichens, to the floral displays, to the beauty and grandeur of the rainforest trees. Touch Trees.

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