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So long, Autumn! (About That Tree - May '19)


The sun is getting lower in the sky as the grim, cold hand of winter tightens its merciless grip on the Maleny Plateau. It’s a time when you really appreciate the warmth of the winter sun, and curse any vegetation that dares to block it, even if you are a tree-lover like me.

At home, this is the time of year when I prune back the height and spread of the trees on the northern side of my house, so that they still act as a functional screen and windbreak, but are reduced to a size that allows that glorious, warming northern light to come pouring in through the windows, and spilling onto the decks.

bright sunshine coast home
Let the sunshine!

Similarly, deciduous trees allow winter sunlight in when planted to the north of the house. Native species include the Red and White Cedar, Toona ciliata and Melia azedarach respectively. They can grow quite large however, so you need plenty of room for them, or be prepared to prune them every few years.

There are many exotic deciduous trees also, but the same thing generally applies, i.e. their size needs to be managed if they are near the house.

It’s a great time of year for working with trees. You warm up while working instead of overheating, its usually dry, and when you cut something back, it stays cut, for a few months at least.

Enjoy the new season and touch a tree!

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