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Right tree, wrong spot!

I feel so blessed to be able to work with trees. I read recently that forest-bathing has been approved in Japan as an activity that general practitioners can prescribe to their patients. Forest-bathing is simply spending time in the forest without any agenda, except to spend time in the forest.

The fact that it has been approved by the medical fraternity means that spending time with trees has scientifically measurable effects on our physiology. I find this both amazing and fascinating, and yet at the same time not very surprising.Not very surprising, because every time I climb a tree I feel happy.

A lot of our work recently has been pruning or removing trees that have been planted too close to buildings. Removal usually happens when the tree is a weed species, or it is simply not practical to retain it because of the eventual size of the species and its root system.

Pruning usually occurs when the owners of the property realise the benefits that the tree affords them and they don’t want to lose those benefits, but they want to prevent the tree causing damage or becoming hazardous.

At this time of year the growth rates are phenomenal, driven by the high nitrogen rich rainfall from thunderstorms, the summer heat, and our rich red soil.

Take a moment to feel a sense of gratitude the next time you seek shelter from the searing summer sun under the shade of one of these beautiful organisms.

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