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COVID-19 and Maleny Tree Life - About That Tree (April, '20)

Thankfully the virus hasn’t really affected our tree work. We are

still joyfully doing all the normal things we do at this time of year, namely

reducing the height and spread of trees and shrubs to let in light and

warmth as the weather cools down, and cutting back the excesses of the

summer growing season.

And then there is the usual ongoing work of pruning or removing

trees that have grown too large, too close to the house or shed, and

really just any number of the different aspects of caring for your trees

and gardens.

Being out and about it feels like nature is taking a big sigh of relief

at the cessation of all the human-generated noise and busy-ness and

pollution. The trees seem to be standing even more proudly in their

grandeur, and I’m getting a sense that simply pausing has allowed

people to notice and connect even more deeply with the wonder that

surrounds them.

This whole thing has shown how humanity, united in a common

cause, can achieve literally anything! Global air travel has stopped,

consumption of fossil fuel oil has virtually ceased, and the attendant


Now I would like to see us do something really useful, and

reforest the entire planet! Treat this as a ‘Call to Arms’, and go and

hug a tree, then plant one.

tree maleny hinterland
Climbing Maleny Trees!

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