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Connectedness in the 'forest of humanity' - About That Tree (Nov '19)

When trees exist in a forest they exist as a community. In fact, the forest itself becomes an organism, a collective, connected entity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The individual trees support each other primarily via their root systems, which are all connected to each other by an intricate fungal network, much like the way humans are connected these days by the internet.

The primary aim of the forest-mind is to maintain canopy closure, because a break in the canopy will allow sunlight in, which in turn allows competitive weeds to flourish, thereby weakening the integrity of the forest structure.

To this end, the strong, healthy trees support a weaker, ailing tree by diverting some of their nutrients to it, because the failure of that weak tree will lead to a dreaded breach of the canopy.

Humans can learn a lot from this. Maybe without even realising it, we are all connected in a forest of humanity, connected by our interactions, connected by the very air we breathe.

We all need to know that when we need support, someone will be there to reach out a helping hand.

At Tony Wootton Tree Surgeon we recently employed an amazing young man through a disability support scheme. We all benefited from that experience, and it really showed me how we all depend on one another.

Please touch a tree today, and remember our connection to nature.

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