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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The days are finally starting to warm up, and it is then that we realise the value of shade trees in our built environment.

Trees, because they are largely filled with water provide an extra cooling affect around our homes. Deciduous trees are even better, because they let in the winter sunlight, and then provide shade in summer.Particular in Maleny however, most tree species tend to get pretty big, and if they are near your house they can cause problems from falling branches, or whole tree failure.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t have trees near our houses, it just means we have to manage them. We look after many properties where the trees are close to the house, and provide visual amenity, summer shade, wind protection and habitat, and usually all that is necessary is a size reduction prune every four years or so. This lets the client keep their trees and live in safety.

In fact that is the majority of our work as arborists in the Maleny area I.e. making decisions about, and implementing management strategies for, the trees on people‘s properties.

As I mentioned earlier, everything gets big in Maleny! We are blessed to have such vigourous vegetative growth.

Sometimes trees do outgrow their usefulness, but until then they are always a great asset to a property and simply need to be managed properly.

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