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Raise your grasses! About That Tree (September '20)

I am an arborist, or arboriculturalist.

That means I am a horticulturalist who specializes in large woody plants, i.e. trees and shrubs. Within the exalted Kingdom Plantae however, I have to confess to a rather peculiar fascination with the Poaceae Family – GRASSES!

They are so cute! And I do love a grassy sward…. It’s like a lovely garment cloaking the gently undulating landforms of this plateau. It has been particularly gratifying to notice an upsurge in the number of my clients who are expressing an interest in, or already actively growing, endemic grass species as lawn.

Several people have asked me recently what ‘Endemic’ means. It means a plant is native, and restricted to a certain place. I get excited about this, because I love this plateau and it means that those plants are from here, and they have always been here, and in the rich diversity of the vibrant tapestry that makes up the surface of our amazing planet, we are unique!

What is even more incredible is that these plants are symbiotically connected to specific endemic animals, birds, or insects, who are again, unique to this area. So I encourage people to incorporate endemic species in their garden. Many of the native grasses don’t require mowing, have a pleasing soft appearance, and can subtly shift the ambience of a property.

Touch trees!...and grasses…

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